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Every teacher remembers their first day in the classroom. The first day of school is an exciting day filled with fresh new beginnings, nervous stomachs, and high expectations. Right before the students first walk into our classrooms, all of us wonder if there is one tidbit that we may be missing.

So for all of us,  though social media, I turned to my PLN and asked these outstanding educators from around the world to share their best advice for beginning this school year, whether it's our first one or our thirtieth one.

Best wishes to all of you as you start this exciting journey!

  • One thing I would tell new teachers is to get to know their students. I realize knowing the subject is crucial, but knowing our students is setting the bar higher. ~Valerie Powell, Reading Coach K-12
  • All here in this post! Twenty Tidbits for New Teachers ~Lisa Dabbs, consultant
  • Build classroom community first and foremost. A book to read on the topic is Life in a Crowded Place. ~Ellen, interventionist
  • Make friends with the school secretary. Bring her treats.
  • You will have to decide when the job is done. Finding balance will be difficult, find a colleague in your school or close by who strives for balance and help each other. Be professionally generous, share, smile at the students, speak softly and calmly. Try a lesson without speaking (art is a good place to start), can you show and not tell or ask instead of instructing? Love for young people is required. Intentionally build rapport with every student, strike up casual conversations with those you don't know well (even k, connect). ~Shannon Wiebe, classroom teacher
  • Subscribe to the Tech Chick Tips podcast and find similar ways to expand your PLN, connecting with teachers outside your building. ~Kim Harrison, computer resource specialist
  • Advice for New Teachers Linky Party...many ideas and thoughts. ~Linda Dunnavant
  • The Dynamic Duo for teachers Part I and Part II. ~@FlyontheCWall, 5th grade teacher
  • Don't work like a dog. It will all get done and they will all turn out fine in the end. ~Barb Caley, NBCT, classroom teacher
  • Organization spells the difference between chaos and making teaching look easy. ~Dr. Frank Buck, educational consultant
  • Embrace the global community of teachers who will keep you positive! Don't be negative! ~@mrsdkrebs,7th-8th grade teacher
  • You will want to do everything, and you should try, but you cannot, and that's okay. ~Joy Kirr, MS classroom teacher, 18th year
  • If you do not know something do not hesitate to ask. Seek out someone you can talk too. You will make mistakes, just learn from them. ~Tina Roberts, 3rd grade classroom teacher
  • You are not don't BE alone! Develop your Personal/Professional Learning Network (PLN) as soon as possible! It will prove to be an invaluable resource!! ~Karen McMillian, @McTeach, 7th grade classroom teacher
  • This is a place to share & learn.  The resources/ideas here extend beyond your school walls. ~@Mcoaty
  • So you got the job. Now what? ~Pernille Ripp 5th grade classroom teacher
Thanks to all of you who contributed your wisdom. If there is another bit of advice that you would like to share, please leave it in a comment.

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